Welcome to Portland Custom Shop

We’re primarily a music repair shop in Portland at 1115 SE Morrison St. housing an alliance of 4 businesses —

Soursound custom amps and repair for amps, effects, and audio
Sumo custom cabs, cab repair, and pedal boards
Synapse Audio Systems recording gear, vintage and modern synths, hifi, solid state, effects
Sick String guitar repair

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After years working separately around portland and around the world this opportunity emerged for us to put our collective experience together to provide the most complete musical service available.

Our group has done everything from studio installs and audio engineering to vintage amp and cab restoration, toured the world teching guitars and backline, to designing and building custom effects, switching, and power rigs. We thrive on new challenges and love to find simple solutions to complex problems.

Our main goal is to combine the talents of ourselves and our friends to create a truly exceptional, locally-based music center– why pour money into the same old channels when you could have instruments and accessories made locally, by hand, through the creativity of artisans and musicians that you’ll actually see at your shows, who care about participating in YOUR community? We will be offering cables, straps, effects, and as much else as possible made completely locally by small businesses and crafty folks.

We believe the work we do, from guitar repair to pedal mods to amp biasing to re-tolexing, is both excellent and affordable.  Most importantly, you can honestly trust our input– we’re in this business because we love music and musicians, not to get rich at your expense. We want to make your experience when you come into the shop about more than just business.

Stop in to say hello, peruse some goodies & play some music, and keep music vital and real in Portland!