Repairs, Modifications, Upgrades, and Custom Builds


Synapse Audio Systems  Vintage and modern synths, all electromechanical keys and gigging electric organs, effects and studio gear. Unique and expressive mods and custom designs are a specialty.



574685_10150533738792325_195809936_nSick String My passion is making your guitar feel and sound like it is uniquely yours– from the feel and shape of the frets to custom circuits, hand-wound pickups, structural repairs, and articulate setups. I love working with pros and beginners alike. Check out my page to learn more!


405401_4357260090928_908931815_n-1-300x300Soursound tube amp repair and custom built tube gear, specializing in vintage and select modern amps, tape echoes, and farfisas. Call or visit the shop to learn more.





Founded in 2008, the Portland Custom Shop can be a bit of a paradox. Step inside and you’re likely to be overwhelmed by the seeming chaos– an overflow of amps, synths, and guitars in various stages of disassembly, trays of parts stacked to the ceiling, and a steady stream of musicians ranging from crust punks to fingerstyle blues veterans, electronic composers to worship leaders to session bassists to indie rockers.

But underlying it all is a unified ideal: make the gear inspirational, so the music can be too. Make it better sounding, more reliable, more unique, and more functional. And overall, do it fairly, and with integrity. At the Portland Custom Shop, we put the music first, and we do the work because we believe in it. Please visit our individual business pages, or call us to find out more!



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