Making it Work: Vintage-izing a Tele in a Rush

20140715_181318This guitar has spent many years serving its owner, Sean Flinn (of Sean Flinn and the Royal We) onstage as an American Standard, with a 6 saddle bridge, black pearloid pickguard, schaller style tuners, and stock pickups. But over time he wanted to go with a more traditional look and feel, while fattening up the bridge pickup. And with his busy touring schedule, we had a limited time to get it together.

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Cool Mods for Teles

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The Telecaster is one of the most popular guitars of all time, for good reason. Its versatility, tonefulness, playability, and signature sustain, snap, and boldness are practically unparalleled in the guitar world. Just about every guitarist will eventually fall in love with a Tele. But while the 2 pickups, 2 controls, and 3 position selector switch have been the standard options for decades, they are far from the only way to make use of this humble worksmith. Here are a few options you can use to make your Tele more personal and more unique! Continue reading