Info for Musicians

2012-08-24 17.19.46Whether you’re in your first band or you’ve been touring for years, I hear many musicians say the same thing: music is in their blood, they can’t imagine not creating. They have something to say that they need to get out, and they never feel better than when they’re on stage.

You rehearse to deliver your best translation of your creative ideas. You write songs to put your unique stamp onto the music scene. You listen closely whether alone or in a mix, tweaking your amp settings, your pedals, your speakers and strings and pickups all to inch closer and closer to the perfect sound you hear in your head.

You need a knowledgeable partner on the tech side of that journey, and Sick String is here for you. When it comes to your guitar, everything starts with a perfect setup that lets you think about the music, rather than the guitar getting in the way of the music. As your sound evolves it means fine tuning your hardware to give your guitar the right levels of sustain, crispness, and punch. It also means breaking away from off-the-shelf electronics and finding the ideal combination of pickups, components, and circuit to make the guitar work with you as YOU intend it, rather than as someone designed it back in the late 50s.

At Sick String I’ve spent years obsessing over the nuances of the guitar, from fret feel to bridge radius, spending countless hours comparing pickups, volume pots, and tone caps, and even working on stage with low capacitance cables, speaker pairings, and pedal board layout, to make everything work in harmony for the personal needs of the player. To some it might be frivolous. To me it’s fun and rewarding to collaborate with musicians to make their musical experience more satisfying, because we all win when better music enters the world.

Did you know that the vast majority of volume controls installed on modern guitars lose 80% of their output by the time you turn them down to 7, but it doesn’t have to be that way? Or that if you’re the kind of player who never uses their tone control, we can turn that pot into a blend that will make you feel like you have 10 pickups at your disposal instead of just two? Guitars are pretty simple devices, but the possibilities are practically endless, and that’s why we never get tired of them. If you’re still playing a factory standard guitar, call me up and let’s talk about how you can make your guitar more distinctly your own. Even a few simple changes might surprise you with dramatic results. Check out my services and pricing page for some basic job details, stay tuned to the blog for interesting ideas, and most of all, call or email me to talk in person about how we can make YOUR sound unmistakable.