Policies and Fine Print

All prices listed are estimated labor for common jobs, not including hardware/parts/materials. I don’t charge for estimates, or for repairs I can’t complete. All work is guaranteed for 30 days assuming no major changes are made by the customer (switching brand or gauge of strings, home adjustments, or abuse of instrument.) I am always more than happy to provide a referral for work that is not my specialty (i.e. band instruments, full refinishing, etc.) Although I cannot always anticipate every complication that may arise during repairs, you will be notified if final pricing will differ from my estimate by more than $20. My highest goal is to help you make great music– as such, money is not the be all end all, and if money is a major obstacle for you, I will try to work with you to make it possible to give your instrument the attention it needs. The customer is responsible for providing accurate contact information and notifying me of any change in that information. I cannot be responsible for storing instruments that are left for longer than 60 days after notification of completion of work, but will make every effort to make arrangements for you to pick up your instrument.(Please do not drop off your guitar and go on tour for 6 months without telling someone!)