Guitar Repair Price Estimates and Policies

General Shop Rate: $60/hr

2013-06-13 15.21.03Full Setup:  The most important part of your instrument is how it feels when you pick it up. It should be acoustically resonant even if it’s an electric guitar. It should accommodate your personal touch on the frets, your pick attack, your preferred control settings, and play evenly and in-tune all over the fretboard. The pickup output should be even and balanced. The setup is the foundation of your expression, so that you can think about the instrument as an extension of yourself and think about what you’re trying to say musically, rather than being distracted by nagging imperfections in the guitar. Click the link for details.

Neck adjustment, pickup height adjustment, bridge height adjustment/bridge radius, set tailpiece/string tension and/or tremolo action, check nut and saddles, clean electronics, tighten/check hardware, test electronics, check frets, restring, intonate, clean as needed. Make guitar play in tune, in balance, as well as possible for desired action and feel. One of the best investments you can make for your instrument for either routine maintenance or major adjustments

$60–  all non-tremolo guitars and acoustics

$70 and up– vintage fender, maestro, and bigsby-style vibratos

$80 and up– full floating bridges (floyd, kahler, American Std. and other 2-point bridges)

Intonation Only:

$20 for most non-locking electric guitar and bass bridges; hourly rate for acoustic saddle intonation depending on time

2011-04-15 17.39.25Hand-Made Custom Nut:

A hand-made nut can really bring your guitar to life and is a great upgrade that will make the guitar louder, improve sustain and snap, and help the strings stay in tune.

Hand cut, carved, profiled, and polished from material of your choice. Bone is the preferred traditional material and is a significant tonal upgrade from a plastic nut. Available in bleached and unbleached vintage bone. Custom nuts are a specialty and I believe I make one of the finest hand-shaped nuts available anywhere. Vegan nuts available on request, including corian, tusq, graphtech, brass, aluminum, and ebony. Call for more information

$65 for bone. Pricing may vary for other materials.

Custom Saddle for Acoustic: Similar benefits and options to our bone or vegan nuts. Prices below assume bone, may vary for other materials.

$60 for old style saddle,

$75 B-Bump (partially compensated) saddle

$120 fully compensated saddle

2012-04-05 16.00.44Fret Dress:

Set neck straight, level fret tops/remove play wear, re-crown frets to desired shape, burnish and polish frets to a glassy smooth gleam with reduced buzzing and increased sustainy goodness. The best way to eliminate buzzing from uneven factory frets or play wear, improve note-to-note intonation, and get more volume, snap, and articulation from your fretboard.




2012-04-09 13.14.16Full Refret:

Remove old frets, plane, radius, and recondition fretboard, install new frets of desired height, width, and material, and dress new frets as above. A great way to restore new life to an old guitar, correct neck warps and uneven spots, or change the feel and performance according to your preferences. I offer everything from thin vintage Fender/Martin wire to modern Jumbo wire in a variety of heights and shapes. Call to discuss the differences in sound and feel and I’ll be glad to help you pick the right wire for you.


Starting at $300. Partial refrets available in some circumstances.

Replace Pickup:

$30 per pickup

Replace Output Jack, Solidbody Electrics:


2013-07-22 19.40.31Various Repairs: Crack repairs, patch/splice/fill/chips, rebuild breaks and missing wood, change tuners and hardware, add, upgrade or replace hardware, relocate/change bridge types, custom pickguards, rout for pickups, install acoustic pickups, bridge and brace repairs, dowel and redrill for mounting hardware, troubleshoot and repair electronics, design and install custom electrical circuits, troubleshoot rattles and buzzes, repair/remagnetize pickups, order and assemble parts, and other miscellaneous repairs, mods, and upgrades:


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