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Everyone in Portland plays guitar– well not everyone, but everyone knows someone that does, right? Simplify your holiday shopping and give your musician friend a whole new instrument, even if you can’t necessarily go out and buy them that ’58 Jazzmaster they keep ogling on ebay.

A full guitar setup is routine maintenance that many musicians don’t have the time or spare cash to do for themselves every year, but it can make a huge difference in how their instrument plays. Even brand new guitars need to be setup to suit the style and preferences of the individual. At Sick String I specialize in tuning every aspect of the guitar to the player, from action height and neck relief to pickup output and voicing, to fitting the ideal hardware to the needs of the player. A little extra TLC for your buddy’s guitar could be the treat they never get themselves, or the gift that gives back to you (“oh listen to that! it plays in tune all over the fretboard! how delightful…“)

Get in touch with me at the shop to discuss the perfect gift option for the musician in your life. As little as $15 can give them a perfect intonation adjustment (setting the bridge to play in tune in all positions for the string gauge and tuning they use) while a full setup (starting at about $60) dials in the feel of the whole guitar to their exact preferences, including cleaning up rust, sweat, corrosion, scratchy electronics, grimy frets, and getting more resonance and sustain from their playing. There’s something for every price point, from full cleaning and restringing to refretting with the perfect fret wire. Want an added bonus? Gift Certificate purchases give a little extra– 10% off regular billing. This means a standard electric guitar setup includes new strings for free, or we can throw in nut profiling or fret polishing, as needed.

Call the shop for more info and ordering! We can send you a discrete certificate you can print from home if you can’t make it to the shop in person. Online checkout available soon. Learn more about my philosophy and what I do do for musicians here. For more information on services and pricing available, please check out my pricing menu and some of my past work on the tour and tech blog.

Happy Holidays and Long May Your Music Ring,

Brian Watson/Sick String Guitars