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While we’re not a retail shop, here’s a mix of mint and road ready gear people are looking to exchange…

updated 4/23/14 -

OBERHEIM OB-8 with MIDI – later version with 2nd page functions.  comes with nice flight case.  $2600

ANALOGUE SOLUTIONS – OBERKORN MK3 –  racked 3 channel 16 step analog sequencer.  3 discrete cv channels, midi control (can trigger any step, clock, etc) Box, manuals, cables. Link Here  MINT $800

JOMOX XBASE 999  – not much to say on this expect it’s like new…  Box, manuals, cables. Link Here MINT $1400 

ELEKTRON MACHINE DRUM SPS-UW – the UW includes the sampling features – this drum machine/sequencer/sampler is in mint shape, awesome live piece! Box, manuals, cables. Link Here $1100

MUTRON BIPHASE – with pedals, mint. $1600

VOX JAGUAR: Rebushed keyboard, all latches and organ hardware, no stand, recapped and rock solid.  $1000

OBERHEIM MATRIX 6R: One of the best deals in polyphonic DCO/VCF synths, deep programming and modulation options.  $395

OBERHIEM XPANDER – similar situation – very little use,  mint.  If you love complex and morphing waveforms with endless modultion options but aren’t familiar, you should check this out.  All of an OB8 (and lots more) in a table top module with midi.  $2700
SUNN CONCERT PA – silver face – same era output as the early concert and lead models.  5 inputs each w/ eq, master volume and reverb.  recapped.  $450

GATOR lycra keyboard covers – keep that dust off in the studio!  $20, or 5 for $90

SYSTECH ANALOG VOLTAGE CONTROLLED FLANGER (rack mount) accepts CV, thick, deep and wild.  not exactly beautiful, but fairly rare, unique and sounds great. $300 

BOSS DD-3 – $100

Wide assortment of vintage alnico 12″ speakers, mostly lower wattage, $35 each. 

70’s Ampeg V2 Head – $650 – 60 Watts, the early (much better sounding!) version.  Been recapped (not by us), perfect for that queens of the stone age meets rolling stones sound!



KURZWEIL K2000R V3:  rack mount sampler, w/ the sample options installed and RAM & hard drive maxxed.  Lots of disks out there, or use it for your own stand alone chopped originals.  $SOLD

API 550A-1 Vintage EQ –  classic 2520 and api output transformer.  the a-1 had a balanced input vs the standard a design, giving it a bit more gain.  it’s been recapped and run through, lunchbox ready. +/- 12dB,  eq points:  5, 7, 10, 12.5, 15k / .4 .8 1.5 3 5K / 50 100 200 300 400     $SOLD

ORBAN 622B 2 channel parametric EQ, williams mods – knockout broadcast state variable parametric eq w/ 12dB of cut/boost.  this unit has been run through by jim williams with all the opamp upgrades and bypass caps to open up a more transparent signal path.  A great eq at a great price, won’t require future attention…  $SOLD

ELKA  88 key, weighted, cased midi controller.  This thing was the flagship in the early 90’s, built into a flight case, lots of midi options. $375.

ARP ODYSSEY MKii 2813 – overhauled, sliders cleaned and lubed, rebushed, recapped, power supply rebuilt, calibrated.  $SOLD

FATAR s90 – 88 key fully weighted controller.   rad if you started on piano or like more control… $SOLD

ENSONIQ ESQ1 mk 2 – the later version with the better power supply and shielding.  excellent shape, one owner, new battery. $SOLD

 MOOG PRODIGY – great shape dual oscillator, classic moog sound, i prefer over the micromoog by far! Mk 1.  tour ready –  comes w/ maxline flight case $SOLD

CASIO CT-310 – great shape, greatest beats.  perfect circuit bender – $SOLD

KORG MONO/POLY: later serial #, special cherry sides, contact issue w/ the keyboard system has been addressed.  M/P’s are such unique 4 voice synths! $SOLD

ROLAND JUPITER 6 – great shape, voice upgrades, clean, maxline flight case $SOLD

ELEKTRON OCTATRACK – the real time hardware sampler/remixer.  Perfect shape! Box, manuals, here $SOLD

 KORG SDD 1000 digital delay w/ sampling and lock.  quite versatile, has filters and remote switching/control.  baby version of the 3000 (the edge)  $SOLD

Late 60’s Traynor YVM-1 Modified PA – $SOLD – This was originally a 45Watt PA modified for 55Watts (6550 tubes) and two different guitar channels.  One is a high gain EF86 beast and the other is a smoother and cleaner more Marshall style channel.  Two separate inputs so you can channel switch if you want.  Plug a les paul in and go to town.

BLACET MODULAR – STONZ – full CV control parameters to 6 stage phaser, frac rack – $SOLD

BLACET MODULAR – QUAD VCA – exactly that, more interesting than v2 – $SOLD


FUTURE RETRO MOBIUS – rack mount CV and midi sequencer – easy to use step sequencer, lots of song and pattern options for through composing – cv output allows you to create very complex modulation sequences that are midi (or cv) syncable, all functions patchable from the face and the back, and does hz/oct & v/oct.  These are no longer made.  $SOLD

 KORG POLY 61 – perfect shape, with the ssm filters. calibrated, new battery.  there are a few mods for putting filter/res controls on the front panel.  i love the arp and joystick on these, and sound fabulous and unique, esp when coupled with a delay.  an affordable analog synth –  $SOLD

ROLAND TR 626 Rhythm Composer – successor to the 606/505, digital samples w/ some programming features of the 909.  Attractions?  discrete outs for all the drum sounds – great for triggering/CV control,  total circuit bender, and cheap.  plus, this unit was owned by a famous hip hop producer in his early years = ).  $SOLD

ALESIS DM5 – cv to midi drum module, use piezos to convert drums to midi – $SOLD

BOSS RDD-20 digital delay (has external mod control) – $SOLD

 SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS MULTITRAK – clean, run through with battery and upgrades, expanded sequencer and larger keyboard than the six trak.  w/ hard shell case.  the perfect pairing for your TOM $SOLD

R2G2 – pete cornish muff clone – muff done right.  tight bottom, very fast with high headroom.  $SOLD

KENTON PRO SOLO MkII – Midi to CV, does everything you could want…  See here if you need more info.  Customer chose to hard install a controller into his MC202.  $SOLD

WURLI 140b – a classic great sounding/playing  EP with legs and pedal (needs bottom plate) consign, $SOLD

RHODES 73 stage, 1972 MINT, full refurb – my favorite year of rhodes – excellent tolex, top and front plate.  keys are rebushed, new felts through out, new gromments, post lube, tines squared, tuned and voiced.   has perfect leg package and sustain pedal $SOLD

ROLAND JUNO 60 – yet another – excellent shape, new battery/calibration/slider lube & clean, rebuilt power supply  $800.  add $300 for midi to cv mod which adds additional lfo and envelope with expanded routing options, full CC implementation, sysex, arp sync and control plus midi start stop.  major upgrade in use and function – your juno CAN sound different that everyone else’s…. $SOLD

Moog Source – late model, the cleanest source i’ve ever seen – plays sounds great with power supply rebuild, and caps, full calibration.  Has never been shipped or toured. $SOLDARIA/TASCAM STUDIOTRACK 4 –  ‘pro’ cassette 4 track, with discrete and mix outs, fx loop, rack mount.  clean, lots of low end! $*****SOLD****

MCI JH-16 16/24 track 2 inch w/ auto locator – this is a jh-16 model (later model) in a 114 chassis, so best of both worlds.  i/o transformers on every channel plus the head coupled transformer for  it comes with both 16track and 24 track headstacks.  And hey, Metallica recorded on this machine, so, um, well, now ya know.  $****SOLD****

ROLAND PG-300 – mint programmer for the alpha juno 1/2 and mks 50 ****SOLD****

ROSS SCRIPT PHASER – vintage beauty – $****SOLD*****

BBE SONIC MAXIMIZER.  sound like the late 80’s.  this is the better one (482) – $SOLD

KAT MIDI k.i.t.i. – 9 chan cv to midi controller – $****SOLD****

FutureRetro Mobius – CV and midi sequencer – awesome unit, rack mount w/ all functions patchable from the face, and does hz/oct & v/oct.  – ****SOLD****

ROLAND JUNO 60 – excellent shape, new battery/calibration/slider lube & clean.  $750.  add $300 for midi to cv mod which adds additonal lfo and envelope with expanded routing options, full CC implementation, sysex, arp sync and control plus midi start stop.  major upgrade in use and function – your juno CAN sound different that everyone else’s….

Chandler Channel MKii, 2 channels sell as single or pair – this is basically a TG2 preamp with DI and tg12410 master console EQ.  ****SOLD****

Electro Harmonix Stereo Memory Man – ****SOLD****

Korg K5 poly ensemble (aka pe2000) – great 3 oscillator (!) string synth meant to accompany the minipops.  mint shape, full recap (big job) you can detune the 3 oscillators individual instead of it running through a chorus circuit.  has an adjutable A/R and a 6stage opto phaser.  built into it’s own suitcase too! ****SOLD****

Yamaha CS-01 – silver, great little mono synth, many mods available – ****SOLD****

Casio sk-1 – ****SOLD****

M Audio Oxygen Midi/USB controller – ****SOLD****



Contact Tim for a wide range of Tube PA’s for sale – many tube styles/gainstages available, very cool casings.  All ready for refurb/mod to your unique style of recording/gigging amp



We’re also dealers for several companies we think are making excellent products. See a partial list below– if there’s something you want that you don’t see, we can probably track it down for you. Until we get some more space in the shop most of it will be available as custom orders, but hopefully in the future we’ll have some of these goodies in stock for you to walk in and try out.

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